ABC’s New Sitcom “Selfie” Looks Really Terrible

Karen Gillan, Doctor Who’s ex-sidekick (and hopefully one day my future girlfriend), is the star of this new sitcom which aims to merge the narrative of My Fair Lady with the modern perils of social media.

The trailer’s out and it seems to be doing more damage than actual good, as the whole thing looks like it might be a good idea for a parody YouTube video, but to commission a whole series? Why!?

The plot revolves around Gillian’s Eliza Dooley who has amassed armies of followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook but in real life doesn’t seem to have many friends at all.

Not that you really give a damn what the plot is.



ABC's new series contrasts her thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook, with her IRL status as a Billy No Mates.

Enter Harold & Kumar's John Cho as makeover-ologist Henry Higgins (of course) who will gently steer Eliza in the direction of sociability. From the trailer it appears that Gillan will make a good fist of her character – Eliza appears to mix Valley Girl dopiness and with a complete lack of social smarts – and yet it does leave you wondering how, in the wake of the cancellation of Community, a US channel could have decided to commission a whole season of this.

The three-minute teaser tells us all we need to know: Eliza's nerdy childhood has made her distrust reality and she soon learns that (gulp) “being friended isn't the same as having friends”. By the time we've made it past a makeover scene (end result: basically Eliza wearing lots of Boden) and a potentially romantic scene between Henry and Eliza (filmed in the rain featuring Arcade Fire-style music) it's clear that Selfie has all the emotional depth of a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen film.

To paraphrase a line from the trailer: "Did this really just happen? Hashtag: mortified."

Source: theguardian.com

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