Nothing Says Festive Holidays Like A Supercut Of Classic Television Show Christmas Trees

The festive holidays are a time for lazing around drinking eggnog (or trying to avoid drinking eggnog), a time to annoy siblings/children/parents, and stuff your face with various different pies and roasted meats. It's also a time to watch TV. Lots of TV.

Because nothing says "Festive!" like a TV Christmas special, where your favorite characters, be they animated or live-action, are surrounded by twinkling lights, tinsel, goodwill, and evergreen conifers.

So this supercut of Christmas trees from classic TV shows like TMNT, Malcolm in the Middle,The Ren & Stimpy Show and many more should put even the most Scrooge McDuck-like individual in the holiday mood.

And stir some nostalgic and warm memories of you sat on the couch like a bloated, festering Santa shovelling all manner of food types into your mouth.

It's going to be a tough time getting through it all, but i think we'll all make it.


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