Are You Hungry For The New Teaser Trailers For The Walking Dead Season 5

'Who will survive?' It's nearly here people, the new season of The Walking Dead is so close i can almost taste it, but i'm thinking that the question on everyone's mind for this approaching season is probably not 'what's on the menu?', but more 'who's on the menu?', as the season 4 finale left our little group of zombie survivors trapped in Terminus with some hungry (non-zombie) flesh eaters getting ready for a meat BBQ.

The countdown keeps on ticking towards October 12 when a new season of The Walking Dead starts—but until that momentous time we have to make do with salivating over this new batch of trailers that offer thirty seconds of intense footage apiece and there are a couple of new and very exciting tidbits, including Rick's line about this not being over until they're all dead, and Sasha's ominous words, "Three of us are gone."

Gone as in dead? Or gone as in missing? Because later we see Carol screaming "Where are they?" Which of course raises the question of which three are gone. And don't you just hate not knowing?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres on Sunday, October 12, 2014 at 9 PM ET on AMC.

The only issue is these teasers are rather short, kinda like bite-size appetizers, but that’s OK because they released another tease too, which you can watch below.

And, for that tiny percentage of people that have been in a coma, abducted by aliens, or fighting zombie hoards, an who haven’t seen it yet, watch the full Season 5 trailer, below.

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