Animation vs. YouTube: 2 Stick Figures Battle Viral Video Hits In Alan Becker's Hilarious Offering

Animation vs. YouTube is the brainchild of Animator Alan Becker, known for his YouTube videos that feature stick figures battling various foes. And that includes the animator himself which is what happened in his first viral hit Animator vs. Animation which was made with Adobe Flash in 2006, during Becker's junior year of high school

That came out around a decade ago and since then he's released a number of sequels. In his latest video Alan Becker has his stick figures take on YouTube itself, while also integrating around ten years' worth of viral videos, like David After Dentist, in a brawl of epic proportions.

The video starts with two stick figures pulling over a couch and beginning to flick through and watch various vids and YouTube channels. But their passive watching turns to active violence when one video, appropriately a classic stick figure fight called Rebalanced, has trouble loading.

So one of the figures jumps into the YouTube interface and starts beating on the screen. The screen itself then turns into a grimacing face with hands and begins to fight back. And so begins an all-out full-on battle as the two stick figures take on YouTube.

How Alan Becker Created 'Animation vs. YouTube'

alan becker Animation vs. YouTube.
Screenshot via YouTube

And that involves Alan Becker cleverly integrating the videos themselves into the fight scenes, so the action going on in them affects the two stick figures. Also the YouTube face uses various aspects of the site's design, icons and such, to fight too, while the two stick figures use pop-up ads and annotations as weapons to hit back with. It ends with the two figures trying to upload themselves which results in near annihilation of the entire site.

In a behind the scenes video, which you can watch below, Alan Becker talks about how it took him around 14 months to make the video. Most of that was waiting for replies from YouTubers as he sought permission to use their videos. But it was worth it, because the end result is highly entertaining and wonderfully meta.

Watch the making-of below and check out more from Alan Becker on his YouTube channel.

Behind the Scenes - Animation vs. YouTube

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