Cyriak's Surreal Animation '7 Billion' Turns Cute Bunny Rabbits Into Something Terrifying

There are around seven billion people living on earth and that daunting and pretty incomprehensible figure was the starting point for surreal animator Cyriak's latest video titled, well, "7 Billion." Except in Cyriak's video it isn't humans he's concerned with, but rabbits.

Lots and lots and lots of rabbits, perhaps not seven billion of them but quite a few. It starts off with a bunny jumping and frolicking in a field and then the music, organs and drums, notches up a level and the rabbit suddenly mutates, splitting in two.

Then these rabbits start birthing rabbits out of their mouths, sprouting them from their backs, eyeballs, anywhere really. Before long they're clumping together to form giant rabbits made of rabbits who themselves start giving birth to more of these giant meta-rabbits.

Before long the whole landscape is awash with rabbits. Rabbits, rabbits everywhere. Who then begin to fight each other and grow and, Jeez, so many damn bunnies. Until these giant bunnies then form and even bigger, gargantuan bunny. A bunny made from bunnies made from bunnies.

"The idea for this video began a couple of years ago when the population of the world had passed the 7 billion mark." Cyriak notes. "It has gone way beyond that since then, but I always wanted to see what that many people would look like. We have become used to hearing about billions of things, but the number itself lives in a strange middle-ground between being too large to understand and yet common enough to seem almost trivial. So, instead of people I used rabbits."

If you're wondering if there really are seven billion rabbits in the video, Cyriak doesn't really know himself. He did however come up with an image to show what such a number of rabbits look like.

"On the left is the rabbit made of rabbits made of rabbits made of rabbits from the end of video, and next to it is a solid cube of 7 billion rabbits. And the Eiffel Tower."


Hope that clears things up.

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