Amazon Reveal Tiny Plastic 'Dash' Button That You Push For Instant Product Ordering

Amazon have already made moves into the Internet of Things with their Amazon Echo and now they've unveiled another IoT product the Amazon Dash Button.

Dash Button lets Prime members re-order various household items—toilet roll, water, detergent. whatever—simply by clicking a button. The device is Wi-Fi enabled and and sticks to surfaces so the idea is you put it near your washing machine, then click it when you're running out of powder and it orders it directly for you.

Currently about 255 products and brands are tied into the service and it's free, but is currently invite-only. It's a little indication of how companies are going to try and persuade us to use new ways of interacting with our homes cometh the Internet of Things (a great primer btw on what the Internet of Things means and how organisations are going to milk it to collect even more data on our everyday habits is Bruce Sterling's The Epic Struggle of the Internet of Things).

Twitter meanwhile, typically, had some fun responses to Amazon's fancy new way of shopping.

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