Amazon's New Ad Makes It Look Like People Have Just Discovered Their Genitals

Have these people just discovered their genitals for the first time? No, it's just the new advert from Amazon unveiling their latest product. Except, some brainiac at some advertising agency thought it would be a grand old idea to not actually reveal the product in the advert. Instead it has people exclaiming things like "Oh whoah", "It moved with me" and "I would use that a lot" while looking downwards—seemingly at their crotch.

It's a beautiful example of what sounds great in the boardroom not necessarily translating so well when the internet gets hold of it and mocks the shit out of it. Plus the ad is so much more entertaining if you convince yourself it is their genitalia they're referring to.

In actuality it's meant to be teasing Amazon's new holographic 3D phone due to be unveiled later this month, but who cares about that.

Still, all publicity is good publicity and all that, so Amazon have got to be grateful that at least people are watching the video. Maybe that was the plan all along. Yeah, right.

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