40 Anonymous Confessions From Police Officers That Will Totally Shock You

We all do things in our jobs that we want to remain secret, but these anonymous confessions from police officers are particularly shocking. Mainly because, although it's not totally outrageous to hear that some cops put on their siren just for fun. Sometimes the confessions are acts of kindness. However, other revelations aren't so innocent.

Which means, as you read through them you'll probably find yourself absentmindedly shaking your head in disbelief. Because as anonymous confessions go, these are certainly going to leave you shook. Quite a few of them involve the police officers confessing that they smoke the weed they confiscate. In fact one disclosure reveals that around 90% of cops take some of the weed they get. Not sure how trustworthy a figure that is or whether that's just a certain state where that happens, but anyway.

Others of these anonymous confessions involve officers following people in their cars just to freak them out with no intention of actually pulling them over. You imagine for some of the police officers behind these that by making their actions public, albeit anonymously, it's cathartic.

Not All Of The Anonymous Confessions Are Shocking

Confessions From Police Officers Not Bad.

But, there are other secrets revealed that are more heartwarming and life affirming. Like a cop pulling over a crying girl to cheer her up or stopping someone from jumping off a bridge. Or giving a drunk person a lift home instead of a ticket, to not only help them out but commend them for not drinking and driving.

Or just stating that they don't tolerate racism or bigotry when it comes to their colleagues.

Either way, these anonymous confessions are a fascinating read. And a reminder that just because one person does something, doesn't mean all police officers are like that.

Take a look at them below—many of which come from the Whisper app, where people can post anonymous confessions about their profession, love life, family, whatever they like.

40 Anonymous Confessions From Police Officers

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