Artist On LSD Draws Self-Portraits Over 9 Hour Trip Showing The Hallucinogenic Drug's Effects

There was a famous test conducted by the US government in the 1950s when they were investigating the effects that LSD has on the human brain. They asked an artist to draw nine different portraits after he was given a dose of the drug.

His subject was the medic that gave him it and the resulting drawings unsurprisingly get increasingly abstract as the psychotropic chemical takes hold of his system—before the effects begin to wear off at around eight hours and the portrait begins to look more representational again.

Inspired by this a Redditor asked his friend to draw 11 self-portraits during her first LSD trip. The results aren't dissimilar to the earlier experiment.

She starts off fairly normal and then they start to get weirder and more experimental—and a little creepy. At one point she refuses to draw any eyes, instead there's just, perhaps very apt, whiteness.

Writing about why she did that she said, "Usually, I draw the eyes at the very end because I don't want the picture to look at me while I'm drawing it. Here, I didn't want the picture to look at me at all."

You can check out the drawings below. And head to the Imgur post for some descriptions.

After 15 minutes


After 45 minutes


After one hour 45 minutes


After two hours 15 minutes


After three hours 30 minutes


After four hours 45 minutes


After six hours


After six hours 45 minutes


After eight hours


After eight hours 45 minutes


After eleven hours 30 minutes


And here's the original US experiment.

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