Border Collie Mistakenly Eats Magic Mushrooms, Proceeds To Stumble About And Trip Out

You're probably pretty familiar with what magic mushrooms (psilocybin mushrooms) do to a human who's ingested them. Either because you've eaten some yourself, probably know someone who has, or have read about or watched something online about their hallucinogenic effects when eaten.

But you probably don't now how, say, a dog might react, specifically a Border Collie.

Well, after watching this video you will be enlightened because it shows eight-month-old Border Collie Roxy shortly after she's eaten some wild mushrooms growing atop a cow pat in a field.

Cow pats are the places you'll find psilocybin mushrooms growing in the wild, and you can see the effect they have on pooches is similar to on a human. Disorientation, a lack temporal and spatial awareness, pupil dilation.

You can see poor Roxy begin to stare into the distance—eyes that have seen too much—swaying unsteadily on her feet as the psychoactive compounds of psilocybin and psilocin take ahold of her system.

Her owner notes in the video that shortly after filming her, because you have to film such an event and upload it to the internet—it's an unwritten rule of our time—he rushed her to the vet.

The vet confirmed she had indeed eaten some shrooms and was, yes indeed, tripping balls.

She had no lasting effects from the experience though and the vet said some dogs actually actively go looking for the psychedelic mushrooms.

The vet, however, wouldn't advise giving your dog them, although as the owner says in the video, Roxy seemed to have a good time on her first trip. "She didn't seem afraid, in fact the opposite, she seemed to be enjoying the experience."

Unlike this 61-year-old mom who got bummed on her first mushroom trip because her son was filming her.


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