Awesome Guy Creates Awesome Machine Gun That Can Make And Fire Paper Airplanes

You've probably heard of 3D printing, where designs on a computer can be turned into real-world objects by printing out using layers of plastic (or other suitable substance), which are built up until the desired form is created. You might of thought why would you need one. Well this video right here is why you need one.

Dieter Michael Krone, from Germany, is pretty obsessed with paper airplanes so he decided to make a gun that takes in a piece of paper at one end and spits out a paper airplane at the other. He designed this—The Greatest Weapon Ever Made—himself and 3D printed out the parts.

From the YouTube page:

A little tinkering from me that shows what you can do with 3D printers today. Most parts of this paper airplane machine gun had printed by fabberhouse.de (the rest of them are to buy via Internet or hardware store). By the way, I use a cordless screwdriver from China for driving.


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