Derby The Dog's 3D Printed Legs Gets An Upgrade Taking Him To Dizzy New Heights

Back in December 2014 the world learned of the story of Derby the dog, who was born with a deformity where he had small forearms and no front paws.

It meant he was unable to walk properly or run and play chase like normal dogs. But, all this changed when he was fitted with some custom 3D printed front legs.

3D Systems scanned his forearms which allowed them to create perfectly fitted and comfortable curved-shaped prosthetics. It changed Derby's life and meant he was able to go for walks and experience a quality of life he hadn't enjoyed before.

Derby was adopted by Tara Anderson who works at 3D Systems and has recently received an upgrade to his 3D printed limbs. The new legs are taller than the last ones and Anderson likens the design to the human knee, with its ability to give and take.

The new design used selective laser sintering and means Derby can now walk in a straight line and sit like a normal dog too, both of which he was unable to do before.

Just look at how happy he is.

No doubt they'll be further upgrades to come. Maybe fitting in a little pouch that dispenses doggy treats when he wants might be something to think about for Version 3.0.


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