Baltimore Ex-Cop Tweets Long List Of Misconduct And Brutality He Saw While Working On The Force

Michael A. Wood Jr., a former Baltimore policeman, took to Twitter on Wednesday to air the corruption and misconduct he claims he witnessed and was part of in his 11 years on the force.

Wood even listed some of his disturbing allegations in the Twitter firestorm but stopped short of naming names or providing dates and locations. It's a shocking read.

The Baltimore police department confirmed to The Huffington Post that Wood was a former policeman with them and retired in 2014.

He'd previously spoken about his time on the Baltimore Police Department in a radio interview earlier this year, but the tweets seem to be gathering much more traction.

Wood later told The NYDailyNews in a phone interview, “I have no desire to verify the allegations. If anyone wants to look into them, fine. But I’m not looking for retribution. My purpose is to admit these things and help make policies and training materials to prevent them in the future."

In the series of startling tweets Wood lays down incidents of violence, illegal searches, and policemen defecating on suspects beds during raids.

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