#FreeTheNipple - Magician Justin Willman And Lina Esco Attempt To Make Sexism Disappear

You may or may not be aware that there has been a two campaign going on called #FreeTheNipple. And it's not just about women going topless in public, it's about gender equality—the fact that men's nipples are deemed inoffensive enough that they can take their top off whenever. While for women, it isn't so simple.

The Free the Nipple campaign was launched back in 2014 following activist, actress and director Lina Esco's film Free the Nipple. The film was about about a group of women who confront censorship and public nudity laws.

Since then Esco has been at the forefront of the movement, which has gone global, and in this video she and magician Justin Willman point out the absurdity of how people view men and women's nipples.

In the video both Willman and Esco sit topless, Esco's nipples are pixelated while Willman's aren't. They both point out the how ridiculous this is before Willman magically—and kind of creepily—takes their nipples away so there's nothing to be blurred, nothing to cause offence. They look like clothes' shop mannequins.

And them sitting there looking like fake humans points to the weirdness surrounding the whole debate. In the 21st century you feel we should already have gender equality, the fact we haven't is pretty depressing.

Because as Esco states in the video, the idea of women being allowed to go topless is just a stepping stone into the larger problems that involves issues like the pay gap between men and women, the idea of gender stereotyping in kids toys, and the whole objectification of women that takes place in the media and beyond.

“Free the nipple is just a Trojan Horse in order to start the conversation of gender equality." notes Esco. "It’s not really about going topless, it’s about having the choice.”

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