Barbershop Quartet Entertains Fed Up Airline Passengers During A Flight Delay - #PortCitySound

As soon as you hear the announcement over the airplane tannoy that you're flight is going to be delayed, you're hit with a mix of fury and despair. But, sometimes you luck out.

Like these fortunate passengers who were entertained by the Port City Sound barbershop quartet during a delay on a US Airways flight.

They providing their rendition of The Drifters's "Under the Boardwalk" while passengers waited for maintenance to be done on a flight from Indianapolis to New Orleans.

Air hostess Kari Mann realised the quartet were onboard and asked them to sing. "The mood changed and our passengers were awesome for the whole five hours they were on the plane." she told BT.

I hope they were paid appropriately in free air travel for the rest of their lives. The quartet are made up of Fred Moore, Walt Dowling, Jim Curtis and Jim Simpson.

Here's a couple more performances from them. One's some more impromptu singing after a day's sailing.

Great day of sailing in Rockland followed by some impromptu singing. (Port City Sound)

And this one's a humorous song about getting old.

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