Extravagant Rap Super-Ego Kanye West Summed Up In One Minute, One Take

When you fire up your computer or check your feeds on your phone, chances are there's a story about Kanye West's latest antics. If he's not interrupting Beck at the Grammys, he's making outrageous claims about being greater than Picasso or talking about how the president calls his landline.

Both those last ones were made at a recent talk he gave at Oxford University, where he talked about lots of other weird stuff in a rambling speech. It's just too hard to keep up with what he's been doing, because he's seems to be omnipresent, always making some insane statement or doing something provocative, like marrying a Kardashian.

But if you needed a quick refreshment on his career up until his all-powerful current incarnation of superhuman rapper, fashionista, and righter-of-wrongs then check out this great video by Will Tribble that sums it all up in one minute, in one take. It follows from previous concise career summations on Miley Cyrus and David Bowie.

Check out more of Tribble's work on his YouTube channel.


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