Dark Knight vs Dark Side: Batman And Darth Vader Fight To The Death In An Epic Showdown

If you've not come across them before, Super Power Beat Down is a series of videos by the MachinimaPrime YouTube channel that pit various different characters, heroes and villains, from popular sci-fi and fantasy series against one another. It's nerdgasm central, basically.

Their latest release pits the Dark Knight of Gotham against the Sith Lord of a galaxy far, far away. Yes, I'm talking Batman versus Darth Vader. So we see Bats heading off to the Death Star following a distress signal from Superman. But when he gets there, Vader heads off to greet him.

Then, about half way through the vid, Bruce Wayne unveils his lightsaber—and that's not a euphemism. Because there had to be lightsabers in this fight, there would've been an outcry if not.

And then there's the ending of course, but I won't spoil it. Just remember, the winner of these battles is always decided the week before in a vote, so blame the internet if you don't like it.


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