Become Superhuman With This $1 Million Robotic Mech Suit Available On Amazon

If you've harbored desires to tool up in a robotic exoskeleton and wreak havoc upon your local town (or maybe just show off to the neighborhood kids), then treat yourself to this five ton mech suit that can be either remote-controlled or worn like you're Ripley in Aliens.

Unfortunately the suit is only available on Amazon Japan and it will also set you back a cool ¥ 120,000,000 which is around $1,021,000. The product is being sold by Suidobashi Heavy Industry who call these mech exoskeletons Kuratas, and will turn you into a 13ft anime character writ real.

The suit being sold is just a starter kit, so it comes without arms and forearms. Oh well. But you will have a giant four-wheeled robot that would totally outclass your neighbor's fancy new car.


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