Prepare To Be Afraid - The Scary Bobbit Worm Is A Nightmare Fueling Horrorshow Of An Animal

As if there wasn't enough spiders and snakes to make us never sleep again, along comes a worm, (a worm FFS!) that will give you nightmares and have you shivering with ickiness when you see how quickly it moves when it wants some food.

Thankfully the bobbit worm (Eunice aphroditois) is found on the ocean floor usually at depths of around 150ft where they can grow to 9ft long (yes people, that WAS 9 feet, not 9 inches).

As well as not looking very pleasant it also has some seriously unpleasant ways to kill its prey, including slicing them in half due to the speed at which it moves and then injecting it with toxins. Nice.

They can attack prey much larger than themselves, which they do by hiding most of their body in the sand, exposing some of it and the five antennae on its head.

With these it can sense passing creatures which it snaps with its jaws at lightning speed.


As well as lurking in the deeps of the ocean they also occasionally turn up in aquariums, hitching a ride on live rocks . Once there they can cause untold damage, hiding in the coral and picking off fish one by one.


Check out the vid below for some more bobbit worm action. And sleep well tonight, won't you.

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