Watch Neo The Amazing Parkour Collie Dog Who Can Leap And Bound His Way Through A Forest

Dogs come in many shapes and sizes, and temperaments--there are naughty dogs, there are cheeky dogs, there are well-trained dogs and then there's Neo the border collie who is so well trained he can do parkour.

This dog is incredible, prepare to watch in a state of awe as he leaps and jumps his way across trees, gates, and archways in Exmoor National Park, England.

He does so with his trainer Steve Bailey, who runs Canine Crusades, which provides behavior therapy and training for dogs—and if Neo is a testament to his skills, then Bailey is a damn fine dog trainer.

Because although Neo the border collie can't stop bullets mid-air like his filmic namesake, he can leap about a bit like Neo and seemingly defy the obstacles that lie in his way as he bounds across or over them.

I'd like to see a bullet-time video of parkour Neo running around the forests of Exmoor. That would be something.

Although this video is still much more enjoyable than the two Matrix sequels.


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