'Put Some Dik-Dik In Your Day' - These Are The Only Dik Pics Women Really Want To See On Twitter

When it comes to Twitter there are two things it most definitely likes, one of those is cute animals and the other is making jokes that involve puns, the more salacious the better. So you can just imagine the joy people on the social media site felt when "dik-dik" (#dik-dik) began trending.

With a running theme along the lines of 'i need some dik dik in my life', you can imagine that some people got totally the wrong impression about what was going on (shame on you, yes you, we know who you are).

For those who don't know dik-dik is an animal, a small, very cute-looking type of antelope in the genus Madoqua that lives in the bushlands of eastern and southern Africa (thank you Wikipedia).

It seems a lot of people weren't aware of this on Twitter until it began trending after featuring in Twitter's Moments (the place where it curates trending stories), which then meant the exact opposite became true.

Suddenly everyone was made aware of this adorable creature which Twitter explained as "The pint-sized antelope is indigenous to Eastern and Southern Africa, and is named for the sound that comes from its snout. Its scientific name is Madoqua kirkii."

But, of course, along with being super cuddly it also has a name that you can make a dirty joke out of, so of course that's what people did. Making many references to "Wanna see a dik pic?" or some such variation.

Even Twitter was at it, titling their Moment about the animal as "Put some dik-dik in your day."

So blame them for Twitter's ensuing puerile parade of dik jokes. Take a look at some of them below.

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