Homemade Hoverbike - British Man Builds An Epic Machine In His Garage In A Matter Of Weeks

If you ever wondered what could be achieved by a person locking themselves away in their garage for a few weeks, UK inventor Colin Furze is proof that anything is possible. And by anything I mean a hoverbiike.

Yes, just from tinkering around in his garage with some paramotors Furze has created a homemade flying machine, and it's quite incredible.

Furze is no stranger to making elaborate creations, his whole YouTube channel is dedicated to things like a jet-powered go-kart, firework rocket launchers, and a bicycle with wheels made from ice.

But his hoverbike must surely rank as his greatest creation yet.

"That is the most outrageous thing I have ever ridden," he notes. And, sure, it doesn't look like the most steady of rides plus to steer it you have to lean your body in the directions you want to go.

But still, as Furze states in the video, for a plumber with no engineering qualifications and a few weeks in a garage it's not bad. In fact it's pretty damn awesome.

And did we mention Furze's last minute addition of rocket launchers? Why you may ask. Because. Just because.

Furze comes across as an English version of Doc Brown, the crazy inventor from Back to the Future and it leaves you wondering just how long it will be before he tries to make a time machine.

To see how he created his latest invention check out the video below.

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