Building Industry Gets Appropriately Lego-fied As Lego Builders, Planners & Architects Build A House

Every kid loves to build things with Lego, and pretty much every adult loves to do it too given the chance. A new video by the NHBC Foundation, an organization which researches into and supports the housing industry, has Lego-fied the building industry. So we get Lego architects designing a house, Lego planners planning one, and everything from Lego construction workers to bricklayers and plumbers actually building one.

As fun, and totally appropriate given the parallels, as that is the video wants to highlight why more young people aren't turning to the building industry for careers.

From site managers and architects, to builders and planners, hundreds of fulfilling jobs are available and all skillsets are needed, so why aren't more young people going into the industry?

Part of the problem, the NHBC Foundation believes, is that parents should be doing more to encourage their children to build the 21st century homes of the future.

According to the the NHBC Foundation four out of ten parents (42%) say that they wouldn't encourage their kids, aged 11 or over, to pursue a career in the house-building industry.

But there's every reason they should be because it's an immensely rewarding and satisfying career choice. And by joining the industry—be it in architecture, technical, professional, building, or managerial—young people get the opportunity to work for some of the most successful companies in the UK—there are currently four major house-building companies listed in the FTSE 100.

There is an unprecedented level of demand for high quality new homes across the UK too, yet the house-building industry is experiencing an acute skills shortage. Could it be a career for you?

“House-building is a hugely rewarding career which offers good salaries, great opportunities and creates a legacy which will last for generations." NHBC chief executive Mike Quinton said: “Parents play a major role in influencing and informing their children about future career choices. We hope that our new online film encourages more parents and young people to consider a career in one of the UK’s most thriving and successful industries With demand for high-quality new houses at high levels, there has never been a better time to begin a career in house-building.”


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