Here It Is! The Unofficial 'Foxy Blox Club' Is The 'Gentlemen's Club' You've Always Dreamed Of

'It's Lego Jim, but not as we know it!' - If all you ever wanted as a kid was a Lego gentlemen's club, then i have some news for you buddy, you are seriously disturbed.

But if that really was all you ever wanted, then your dream has finally come true thanks to Citizen Brick, who make custom Lego kits.

Their latest kit is called The Citizen Brick Center for Performing Arts and it's a proper gentlemen's club, complete with poles, pole dancers, zebra-print sofas, and plenty of sleaze.

The Foxy Blox club could be yours for $275.00 and also comes with hologram foil stamped wall pieces, working LED lights, a DJ, and money lying scattered about the place. Classy. What has been seen, etc, etc...


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