#OneFingerSelfie challenge Sees People Censoring Their Naked Bodies With Just One Finger

Of all the so-called challenges that sweep across social media—think ice bucket, mannequin, cinnamon—the latest one is by far the most risque. It's called the One Finger Selfie Challenge and involves someone standing completely naked in front of a mirror, and then using one finger to censor themselves. Once this remarkable feat has been achieved, you then take a photo and upload it.

It seems to have started with an anime drawing by artist Sky-FreeDom which shows a female figure censoring herself with just her finger. So women (and some men) began to copy it. And, naturally, because it involves pretty much near full nudity and a challenge it's pretty soon gone viral.

The first person to do it, Aimee Davison, uploaded a video (above) of her attempt, getting super excited when she finally achieved it. And it wasn't long before people started to copy her and upload their one finger efforts to Twitter and Instagram. And so a new challenge was born, appealing to men as well as women.

"There is a new selfie challenge out from Japanese Anime artist Sky-freedom called the one finger selfie challenge where you use one finger to cover the private parts of your anatomy." she says. "You censor yourself with a single digit. I didn't think it was possible, but it is!"

It is, but barely. You can check out some of the entirely NSFW attempts below.

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