'Lego Stranger Things'—Netflix's Hit Gets The Toy Brick Treatment In This Stop Motion Vid

There's no denying that Stranger Things was the summer nostalgia hit that made everyone sigh and pine for days gone by when 1980s genre movies ruled the cinema, and Stephen King ruled the bookshelves. So well done Netflix.

For fans of the show season two awaits, coming sometime in 2017, but until then you can enjoy this brillantly done Lego version of the TV series by the clever people at YouTube channel bookshelfproductions.

Recreated in stop motion using the toy bricks, it distills eight episodes of the show into four minutes of various scenes. Using the music, sound FX, and dialogue from the show, it's a nice, succinct reworking and covers the keys events that happened. The result is something highly watchable and works great in the Lego universe.

From Hopper's "Coffee and contemplation!" line to Joyce’s attempts to contact Will, her missing son, Barb’s last moments, and Eleven's badass flipping a van over telekinetically—all are given the Lego treatment.

For all those fans of the show, it will send you into some serious cravings and make you long for season two, for people who haven't seen the show, it will probably just seem confusing.

It will also make you hope that, at some point, Lego do the decent thing and bring out an official Stranger Things Lego set. The video even got a shoutout from none other than Will himself, who mentioned it on Instagram.

Not a bad accolade.

Lego version of Stranger Things! #stopmotion #bookshelfproductions Check it out at: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCuE2ibkedSzvAbY3kkc1y2A

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