'Captain America: Civil War' Gets A Hilariously Weird Trailer In This Bizarre Fan-Made Makeover

If you've not come across the work of Italian video editor Aldo Jones before, then you are in for a real treat, so prepare for your mind to be attacked by some very strange happenings.

If you have come across it previously then you'll know Jones likes to take popular trailers and create his own FX-laden versions, like this one of the Batman Vs. Superman trailer.

Although varied Jones' FX have one thing in common, they're all very odd and weird—but they're also very funny. Be they additions of characters from other movies, TV shows, or franchises, like Jack Sparrow or Forrest Gump, or just cartoonish distortions of the characters already in the movie.

All that and more features in Jones' bizarre reworking of the Captain America: Civil War trailer, a trailer which the more you watch it the more you'll be rewarded with its rich pickings of references and sly humor.

Because Jones loves to pack out the videos with tons of visual gags and tomfoolery. It's the kind of silliness that the internet excels in. In fact, just watch the trailer because descriptions can't really do it justice.

The best bit (in my opinion) has to be at the very end, where a surprise guest decides he's had just about enough of all the attention Spider-Man has been receiving. Genius.

Long may Jones keep making these. Check out his YouTube page for more.


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