Crying Rottweiler Grieving For Its Dead Brother Is Guaranteed To Turn On Your Tear Ducts

RIP Hank the rottweiler you will be missed, not least by your poor, grieving bro Brutus who, in a display of affection that will wrench your heart in two, lays down next to his dead sibling, resting his head on him to pay his last respects.

Hank passed away during the night in his sleep after being ill for some time. His owner and Brutus fell asleep one night and awoke the following day to find his dead body lying there. The video is filmed shortly after they both woke to the harrowing discovery.

The dog's owner said, "I normally don't video record my real life catastrophes or share but decided I needed to send a message to the world and show how much pain my dog was in as he loved his twin so much."

Below are some photos of them both in happier times. Gotta go, got something in my eye.


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