Paralyzed Rescue Kitten Gets A New Lease Of Life On His Homemade Lego Wheelchair

A kitten, found abandoned on a Long Island street, gained some positivity in its life after it was brought into the Massapequa Pet Vet, NY. When it was brought in by a member of the public the vets discovered that he was partially paralyzed in both back legs.

Veterinarian Dr. Ned Horowitz told NBC 4 New York that the poor animal would just lie in its cage immobile.

So a couple of master builders at the clinic decided to make the cat, who the clinic named Mac N'Cheez, its own wheelchair fashioned from Lego.

As soon as Mac was in the wheelchair he sprung to life and began darting about the place as quick as lightning—as you can see in the video. No doubt incredibly happy that he can now get about and get about so damn quickly too.

The wheelchair isn't a permanent solution though. Because Mac is responding to squeezes on parts of his back legs they're hoping to get the kitten walking again.

The wheelchair is just part of its rehabilitation and once he's walking they'll put Mac up for adoption.

The clinic has recently uploaded another video of the kitten and his physical therapy, this time it shows him swimming around a paddling pool, along with looking adorable of course.

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