Adorable 9 Month Time-Lapse Shows Cute Pups Growing Into Dogs As They Run For Their Dinner

Nothing excites a dog like dinner time. OK, maybe walkies time too. And sure running-through-the-garden-sprinklers time makes them pretty excited. And so does people-knocking-at-your-door time. OK, so dogs can get excited by pretty much anything, but dinner especially.

One owner of two cute Golden Retrievers, Bleu and Colby, decided to film his pups running towards their dinner bowls after they heard the tinkering sound of dog biscuit hitting dog bowl.

In the process getting adorable footage of them sprinting round the corner and skidding on the kitchen floor as they make for their food with the haste of a hungry mutt.

The owner filmed them again and again over a nine month period ad edited it into a time-lapse, capturing the dogs tripling in size from 11 to 46 weeks and also capturing their unending enthusiasm and epic floor-drifting skills. The results are a joy to watch as we see the same scene played out again and again, but get to witness 2 extremely cute pups growing into gorgeous young dogs as they run for their dinner.

It's pretty much how we all act when we know there food's around. At any age.


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