Cutest Thing Ever? Adorable Little Boy Comforts A Crying Girl On Her First Day Of School

As the long winter really starts to tax your imagination on how to entertain your kids during the day when it's too cold to go outside and play it's that time of the year when exhausted parents worldwide are saying a silent prayer to the gods of education for inventing schools.

A place where, not only does your little one get educated, but you get free childcare as well. But for some young children this will be their first time in a classroom, away from mom and dad and it all feels a little scary. But fear not kid, chances are someone's got your back.

The classrooms of the world need more people like this adorable little hero. Seeing this girl is clearly upset because it's her first day of school—the horror—and she wants her mom, he reassures her that mom will be there after she naps.

Then, gallantly tells her "Don't worry, I'll protect you." But that's just the beginning of this attack of cuteness. You'll be welling up with onion in your eyes by the time it gets to 35 seconds in and the little girl asks for a hug.

If only we all had someone like this little protector in our lives. *sniff* But bawling my eyes out aside, let's all just try and be kinder to each other, OK? Yeah? Just for like an hour.


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