Adorable Duo - Dog And Toddler Both Wear Same Outfits Making Them The Cutest Couple Ever

It's not unusual for siblings to wear matching outfits, when they're young of course. If you did it when they're of an age to be able to understand too much they'll hate you forever.

But Sandy Swiridoff has changed the coordinated outfit game. It's not two humans any more but a human and an animal wearing the same garments, because she dresses up her pooch Mr. Reagan, a two-year-old Australian Labradoodle and Instagram star, in the same outfits as her two-year-old foster grandchild.

As well as being dressed the same the cute-looking pair are also BFFs, hanging out together and looking adorable. The matching clothes are a little nod to the pair's bond, and Swiridoff took photos of them together for a special calendar she sold on Etsy, donating some of the proceeds to help foster children.

"Reagan loves dressing up, he loves treats, loves the camera and loves people. He knows that where there are photo shoots, there are treats and praise." Swiridoff told The Mirror. "It is a bonding experience for us. When he is dressed up, it's only for a few minutes while I take the photos, then he gets to return to being a 'normal' dog again."

You can check out the duo below.

Look, Little Buddy, they're talking about a dog and a toddler who dress alike. ?❤️?? Oh wait, what?? Thank you, @klgandhoda ?

I was gonna say something, but this cool cats got my tongue. ??❤️??

Can you guess who wears the pants in this relationship? I'll give you a hint... Things aren't always as they appear. ? #littlebuddywearsthepants #wrappedaroundhislittlefinger

I'm sending you love, good wishes, and puppy dog kisses. ❤️??

Hey little buddy, do you think anyone will notice that I'm not wearing pants? ? #dontmakeeyecontact

Just planning what kind of trouble we can get into right after our naps. ?❤️??

Spreading Christmas cheer. ?❤️?? #atleastihopethatsallimspreading

My favorite days are the ones I get to spend with you, little buddy. ?❤️?? #buyacalendar #helpafosterchild Thank you SO much to everybody who has purchased my calendar! ?Can't wait to donate the proceeds to help foster children! There are still a few calendars left - link in my profile.

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