Giant Panda Cubs Act Like Total A-Holes When Staff Try To Clean Their Enclosure

Everyone knows that pandas are cute, right? Even more so when they are just fluffy baby ones. So soft and cuddly, a joy to watch and full of innocence. Well, the last bit might not be quite true as shown in this video. It seems like panda cubs have other ideas when humans are working around them.

A staff member at a panda breeding base in Sichuan, China was met with some mischievous young panda when she went into clean the bears' house.

Watch with bemusement as this woman gets increasingly frustrated. Because every time she loads the basket up with leaves she's just swept up, one of the baby giant pandas jumps inside it and rolls around, thinking it's all just a game.

As adorable as it is to us watching it on the internet, you have to feel for the poor woman. Once or twice you could laugh it off, but when they keep doing it, well, it's natural that you would get a bit annoyed.

“Stay away from my basket!” she yells as the pair of pandas act like a couple of misbehaving toddlers winding up their parents.

Then, once they tire of knocking over the basket of leaves, they set about taking the broom from her.

She still manages to laugh throughout though because, after all, who could really complain too hard that their job involves grappling around with such cuddly animals.

It just goes to prove that any young animal or human can make your life hell if they are in the mood for it.


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