'Coyote & Crow at Bedford Ave' - Adorable Little Girl Starts Impromptu Dance-Along On NYC Subway

The New York subway isn't the sort of place you go to dance. It's not a club, not unless you're so wasted you think the trains rattling in and out of the station are some killer tunes to dance to.

It's not a place to dance for adults anyway. But little kids can do wonders with breaking through society's stuck up unwritten rules. And this adorable girl does just that at Bedford Ave. station in Williamsburg, NYC when she starts busting some moves to a busker's music.

She dances like no one's watching, yet there are plenty of people watching—and applauding.

And possibly because Bedford Ave. is hipster central, random commuters decide to join in with this little girl's impromptu hoedown, thus restoring our collective faith in humanity.

Temporarily at least.


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