A Dadholes Christmas: The Festive Season Isn't Looking So Jolly For These Two Hateful Fathers

Comedian Chris Wylde's always-excellent, occasional web sketch series Dadholes is back for a hilarious festive edition with 'A Dadholes Christmas'. The series features Wylde and Darrell Britt-Gibson as two bitter, hateful fathers whose lives have been ruined by the arrival of screaming, selfish children.

The set up for Dadholes Christmas is very simple, two miserable dads sat on a park bench watching their kids play, but the dialog is what makes it something a little bit special. Especially if you happen to be a parent. You'll totally relate to some of the conversations.

It's always dark as night and coffee-spitting hilarious. Every line from this is quotable but here's just a couple.

"I count in dog years because my wife's a bitch." "If one of these screaming midget present junkies sits on my lap mistaking me for Santa Claus I'm going to punt it like it's my father-in-law." "Santa is a jolly old soul...and a beacon for obesity."

And so on. If you get sick of all the saccharine festive jolliness that permeates most places at this time of year, it's the perfect antidote. Especially if you have kids of your own. Happy Dadholes Christmas everyone.

A Dadholes Christmas 01.

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