How To Get A Baby To Wash Your Car - This New Zealand Dad Shows Us How It's Done

Having a baby can enrich your life, at least that's what people say publicly—it can also cause you to wake a lot earlier than you're used to, kill your social life and cost a fortune. But, along with just the joy of having a little human in your life, there are also other benefits. Like having your baby wash your car.

It might seem an unconventional activity for a small child, but that doesn't mean to say it can't be done. Take New Zealand dad Jordan Watson who has a YouTube channel "How To Dad" where he, humorously, delivers some top tips on how to be a parent. From Christmas shopping with your young child to fly with a baby, to teaching one to drive. No activity is beyond his little bundle of joy. And after all they need to earn their keep, right?

Watson's latest vid shows something that will come in very helpful, indeed. It's how to wash a car with your baby—Watson's daughter, called Alba, is 20 months old, but as long as they're walking they can help.

From scrubbing the car with a brush to hosing it down, to how to ingeniously use a baby sling to help them reach the high bits. It's great and, if you're a parent, should hopefully give you some ideas of how you could be getting your baby to help with the household chores.

"Basically, I'm always coming up with new ideas and things pop up and the car was due for a wash so thought there must be a video it in," he told Newshub recently. "It is just everyday things, always trying to think about ideas that every parent can relate to. You just got to time it really. You can't take them to the shops unless they've had a good sleep and they've got food in their bellies," he says.

And if they ever spit the dummy and refuse to work here are some top tips on 'How to fight a baby'.


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