"Sex Education Videos" Here's An Internet Comment Etiquette Masterclass In Commenting On Them

When leaving comments on YouTube videos (especially in this case sexual education videos) you really need to follow certain rules. Generally they usually amount to having terrible spelling and grammar, using plenty of swearing and insults, really bad innuendos, plus maybe some accidental caps lock typing too.

One man who has been tirelessly, and satirically, teaching people the ways of YouTube commenting is comedian Erik Hoffstad with his YouTube series Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik. His latest type of video to impart his knowledge on how to comment on is sex education videos, in the most hilarious way possible.

As you might imagine these attract a fair few lewd and immature phrases—but that doesn't phase Erik. Neither do the videos which can be quite an eye full. Including as they do a man demonstrating how to put a condom on, a Norwegian TV show about menstruation, and a guide on how to "eat pussy like a king."

The latter vid's comments Erik sees as particularly in need of some etiquette and guidance, so he does the necessary and puts a comment of his own.

By the end of it, you should come away educated and informed about the proper customs and appropriate practices of leaving comments on sex ed videos. It generally seems that the more vulgar the better.

"The muck of the internet is my classroom." Hoffstad says. "Let me help you stay clean."


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