'Working With Jigsaw' - How The Puppet From The 'Saw' Movies Would Be Awful Office Co-Worker

Jigsaw from the Saw movies has become a horror icon of sorts, even those bloated sequels couldn't totally diminish his standing as a character to, perhaps not rank alongside, but someone just below legends like Jason, Michael Myers, and Freddy.

But, as entertaining (and chilling) a character he is in the films, you wouldn't want him as a work colleague. The poor people in this sketch by comedian Chris Capel find out just how crappy and tedious that would be. The video is a follow up to Capel's very funny Living With Jigsaw from 2013 where, you can probably guess, he humorously imagined what having Jigsaw as a roomie would be like.

This time it moves out into the office and features Jigsaw yet again acting like a dick. For instance, when it's someone's birthday at the office, they can't just have a normal cake. Instead Jigsaw has put 29 table spoons (one for each year) of koala urine into the frosting.

It seems nothing will stop him playing his tiresome games. Even when he's called into a disciplinary meeting about them he's chained his superiors' feet together—their only method of escape to saw their legs off with a cheese grater.

Basically he's not the sort of colleague you would want to offend while drunk at the Christmas party.

Check out the previous instalment from Capel, Living With Jigsaw, below.

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