Twitter Account 'Dark Stock Photos' Collects Hilariously Absurd Images Of Stock Bleakness

Twitter account Dark Stock Photos will have you both laughing and shaking your head in disbelief at who the hell commissioned these images. It will definitely leave you wondering what goes on behind closed doors in crative agencies nowadays. The account is run by Andy Kelly (aka @ultrabrilliant) and in it Kelly collates together the ridiculous and the hilarious when it comes to stock photography attempting to portray the darker side of life.

Stock photography has long been the butt of internet jokes, whether that's somebody photobombing stock images or people mocking why the models are laughing while while eating salad. And that juxtaposition of blandness and very staged scenes makes these Dark Stock Photos so preposterous.

Because what they're conveying is very, very bleak themes. Collated from Shutterstock, Depositphotos, and iStock they featured such dreary images as children doing drugs or welding handguns.

Who The Heck Are These Stock Photos Made For?

Dark Stock Photos 01.

There are mothers drinking and fathers smoking while holding babies. A child cyclist about to be hit by a moving car, plenty of kidnappings, plenty of guns being held to heads, young babies reaching for bleach, accidents involving stairs and children and motionless bodies.

And there is even a grim scene of Santa hanging with his feet off the ground, with a Christmas tree in the background. We could go on with various other dark scenarios, but i think you get the point, right?

Just what kind of article these images would need to illustrate makes the mind boggle. Try not to think about it though (or do, depending how much time you want to waste).

Still, whatever you do it won't take away from the sheer ridiculousness of these Dark Stock Photos. You can check out some below and follow the Twitter account for more.

Dark Stock Photos That Will Mess With Your Mind

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