Guy Builds His Dream Ferrari By Sourcing The Body, Engine, And Various Parts To Make His Own Replica

If you're a driver, then chances are you have a dream car that you'd someday like to own. That "someday" is highly likely to be never though, because most people can't afford to have it. Or maybe the car isn't made any more, and restoring a vintage model just isn't an option.

Well, this guy decided he was going to have his dream car even though he couldn't afford it. Peter Giacobbi had always wanted a Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, but owning one was way out of his price league.

So he decided to recreate one instead.

He started by buying an original handmade aluminum body of a 1959 Ferrari 250 TR (an almost impossible find), and then set about searching for and collecting the various different parts to build his replica.

"I made everything look as close as possible…I copied the chassis, found the correct tail lights, had the instruments made." he says. "There are some things that are different from the original. It was impossible to find a good 3 litre motor, so I used a 4.4 and modified the aesthetics to look like the 250."

Nevermind that because it looks incredible. And with an actual Ferrari body, engine, and sourced parts that are most likely all from Ferrari too, you could say this is more than just a replica—it's pretty much the real deal.

It's an inspiration for all dream car enthusiasts everywhere. Never give up hope.


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