Devo's Founder Mark Mothersbaugh Shows Off His Epic Synth Collection In Los Los Angeles

Devo founder and all round synth nerd Mark Mothersbaugh has a vast collection of vintage recording equipment—and he invited Cool Hunting around to his Mutato Muzika recording studio in Los Angeles to have a little tour.

Throughout his time in Devo and his followup career as a Hollywood composer, Mothersbaugh has accumulated a massive collection of synthesizers both old and new.

He's an entertaining guide as he gives a sample of his vast stockpile, while also talking about what inspired him to purchase the instruments to begin with.

"When I was first writing music was in the late-60s I was looking for instruments that made sounds more relevant to our culture, things that sounded like what I heard on the news." he says.

And here's Devo in action in their 1980 classic "Whip It."

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