Listen To Pink Floyd's Awesome New Single 'Allons-y (1)' From Their Forthcoming Album

Pink Floyd's first single 'Allons-y (1)' from new album The Endless River has been released on Spotify. The instrumental track runs at two minutes long. And, fans will be glad to know, it sounds like vintage Floyd.

Fans have been waiting since 1994's The Division Bell for a new album, but the wait will soon be over. Discussing the record in the video above David Gilmour explains the continuity from their last one:

"There's a sort of continuum from The Division Bell album to this—the last phrase but one on the The Division Bell is 'the endless river,' 'The endless river / Forever and ever' at the end of the song 'High Hopes.'" They'll also be featuring the voice of Stephen Hawkings again on a track called "Talkin' Hawkin.'"

You can listen to new track "Allons-y (1)" below.

Talking about the album's genesis Nick Mason says in an interview with Rolling Stone that fans can thank their engineer for it finally surfacing after 20 long, hard years.

Essentially, when we recorded The Division Bell 20 years ago the idea was to make a double album. We thought we might do one disc of songs and one disc of ambient music, a throwback to jamming. As so often happens, we ran out of time. There was a tour coming up and we'd got the songs finished. We'd probably also run out of steam. It seemed like too much of a mountain, that second element of it. It just got shelved. It stayed shelved for a very long time.

I don't think we would have done anything with it had it not been for Andy Jackson, our engineer. He said, "Why don't you let me fiddle around with it and see what I can do?"

And if you were wondering what might have served as inspiration for the title of this new track, maybe it was David Tennant's Doctor Who? We already know they're fans of the show.

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