'$ave Dat Money' - Lil Dicky's Amazing New Music Video Was Shot On A Total Budget Of Zero

Rapper Lil Dicky, aka David Burd, set out to make the most epic music video possible for "$ave Dat Money" (also featuring Rich Homie Quan and Fetty Wap), but shot on a budget of zero dollars. That's zilch. We all know that bling is something a lot of rappers brag about, so it seems Lil Dicky wants to balance things out a bit.

He definitely has bling, but he has borrowed bling.

Which means instead of paying for stuff, he asks nicely if someone will lend it to him for a bit. He borrows expensive cars, a yacht, an ice-cream truck, a mansion he can rap on the balcony of. He even borrows T-Pain's music video shoot, leeching off it and using the crowds as the backdrop to some of his video.

The great thing about this whole video is watching just how he goes about setting it all up and the fact that he does it all himself, no production company, no agent or management, PA, record company. Just him.

And there's a great scene in a diner towards the end too, where he even tries to save money on the burger he ordered. It's comedy rap, with neither the comedy or rap sacrificed for the other.

It's brilliant, inventive, and hilarious. And there's a moral here for us all. That moral is, always let Lil Dicky use your mansion, yacht, ice-cream truck.

Because, basically, he rules.


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