Faith In Humanity Restored - A Disabled Dog Walks Again Thanks To Some 3D Printed Paws

Lets face it, we all love our family pets, want the best for them and get a great deal of enjoyment in return interacting and watching them get involved with your family's life and routines.

But what if your beloved pet has a disability? Well despair not because help is at hand in the case of this lucky canine in the form of some new technology which has radically changed things for both the dog and its owner.

3D printing has come to the rescue to enrich Derby the dog's life by allowing him to run after a stick and stroll along next to his owner for the first time in his life.

Derby was born with a deformity where he had small forearms and no front paws, which meant he couldn't move around properly on hard surfaces like a sidewalk.

That was until he got some 3D printed prosthetics courtesy of 3D Systems.

The company 3D scanned his legs and created custom leg replacements with organic shapes and smooth curves which were both strong and comfortable and allowed Derby to walk like any other dog.


Designs for the prosthetic legs

And now, thanks to his new legs, he runs two to three miles a day with his owner, sprinting along as happy as can be. It's a miracle! Of science. A miracle of science.

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