Unimpressed Cats vs 'Pokémon Go'—When 'Gotta Catch 'Em All' Means Your Cat Too

While the world obsesses over catching virtual Pokémon, the world's cats look on totally unimpressed with it all. "Why is my human pointing that thing at me and making hand gestures?" is what they're probably thinking, although they probably don't even care enough to think that.

Instead they just probably shrug internally and get on with their lives, shaking their heads at the yet more weird behavior their human underlings are indulging in. They have far more important things going on in their lives to ponder trivial matters such as this.

For all we know they are busy at work planning the eventful day when they will rise against the human race and become our overloards. Or maybe just wondering what part of the house to throw up in next.

But little do they know that they've got a Rattata on their head or Squirtle's in their cat basket. If they did they'd probably chase them, then kill them for fun before leaving their mutilated corpse on your mattress as a gift.

Maybe the next iteration of Pokemon Go can include a feature where you use your cat to help too?

Or maybe they can bring out one of those Pokémon-themed cat games for touchscreens. Then the animal kingdom can see what all the fuss is about and become as smitten as the rest of the world.

Or maybe cats have been secretly playing Pokemon Go for years, that's why they seem to attack or get freaked out by what seems to be nothing. Hmmm...

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