Elderly Dog Weeps With Joy When Her Owner Comes Home From The Army

The best thing about being away from home is the welcome you get when you return, none more so than if you happen to have a faithful dog as pet. Ok, so maybe they can't hang up 'Welcome Home' banners, or cook you your favorite dinner, but they do have other ways of showing you just how much they have missed you that will tug on your heart strings.

Which is exactly what happened when 21-year-old Private Hannah Foraker arrived back from basic training to her home in Ohio, she got one of the best greetings she's ever had.

It came from her adorable 13-year-old dog, a golden retriever called Buddy who Foraker has had since it was a puppy.

Buddy is truly stoked to see Foraker, lying on her lap and making a noise that sounds like she's crying, although it's the good kind of crying, the kind that says, "I'm so happy to see you!"

“We opened the front door and she came running out and greeted me and my family, but then kind of did a double take and came back to me,” Foraker told Buzzfeed. "She was completely overwhelmed and she couldn’t even stand up."

It's incredibly sweet when you watch the footage. And Foraker's parents said that the elderly dog, who has arthritis and is pretty much deaf, got a new lease of life when the soldier returned home for a two week break.

Usually she has trouble getting up the stairs but while Foraker was home Buddy was full of beans. "She would get up and do her happy dance.” Foraker notes.

Everybody needs a buddy like Buddy.


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