Have You Ever Wondered How To Exercise When You Really Don’t Want To? Here's How

Let’s face it, if we all just exercised when we wanted to then we’d sweat maybe once or twice each week, which is fine if you’re not working towards anything but if you have goals (whether physical, mental, challenge-based etc.) then chances are you’re going to need to be training more than this.

It’s not just the volume of training that’s important (or not, depending on what you’re working towards) but it’s the quality and diversity.

Some of it is going to hurt, some of it is going to be within your comfort zones and other bits are going to be plain boring.

So how do you get off the sofa when you're catching up on Netfilx, or climb out of bed after a lovely nap when you really don’t want to?

These are my tips for keeping the motivation going when the novelty factor has disappeared.


1) Pay in advance - This is the big one. Book and pay for your workouts in advance because in this world who has the spare finances to pay more than $20 for a class and then waste it?!


2) Organise to meet a friend - If you’ve got someone to be accountable to it becomes much harder to not go because you’ll be letting someone else down as well as yourself.


3) Workout when it suits you - If you’re an early bird then plan your sessions for the morning but equally, if early mornings don’t work for you then try to get out of the office at lunchtimes or get sweaty in the evenings. You’ll be more likely to stick to it if the timing works for your body


4) Set yourself training goals - Don’t always focus on the long-term goal. Break your training down into short and medium-term goals to give yourself mini-victories throughout the process. Take progress photos if your goal is to get lean, add in 5k time trials if you’re training for a run or celebrate weightlifting PBs.


5) Just do it - There’s a reason that Nike hit the jackpot with that one, sometimes you just need to put your trainers on and step out the door. Bully yourself and just get on with it, there’s no time here for self-pity. But at the same time…


6) Know when your body needs a rest - Try and learn the differences between when your body is telling you that it needs a rest day and when you’re just being a bit lazy. Rest days are vital for muscle recovery and to avoid injury, be sensible.


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