Fitness Trends 2015: This Is The Year That Working Out Goes Mainstream & Generation Y Gets Ripped

No longer is it strange to hear people say ‘oh, I can’t go for dinner, I’ve got Pilates’ or ‘let’s catch up at spinning’. Juicing, whether at home or bought, is more acceptable and quinoa is now a staple of a lot of people’s diets. AND they know how to pronounce it correctly.

Maybe you finally feel ready to take that step into fitness, maybe your New Year’s resolution is starting to wear thin or maybe you just a bit bored with your 30 minute cardio/a few press ups gym routine?

Here are some things that we can all look forward to in the fitness world for 2015…


1) CrossFit-style workouts


While not everyone feels brave enough to step into a Box (yep, that’s what CrossFit gyms are actually called), the high intensity circuit-style workouts are finding their way into ‘normal’ gyms.

Anything that combines explosive movement, weightlifting and a lot of reps (read: sweat) will have you building muscle and burning fat like a pro.

Embrace it but make sure you pay lots of attention to technique especially with the weightlifting. Oh, and don’t become a CrossFit douchebag…


2) One-stop shop gyms


A gym or fitness studio is no longer just a sweaty room that smells a bit like that time you left your PE kit at school over the Easter holidays and had to put it on again afterwards…

Gyms now have spas, like Equinox (all over the states) so you can get a facial after boxing, and plenty more are offering pre and post-workout nutrition like 1Rebel, a new gym in Liverpool Street, London, that provides a complimentary cold pressed juice or healthy salad with lunchtime classes.

As fitness is becoming a part of our busy lives, gyms that can offer something extra have that edge.


3) Cross-training


No, I don’t mean that weird ski-type machine in the gym. I mean training in ways that aren’t necessarily directly connected to your chosen discipline.

More and more runners are getting into yoga and strength training to improve their technique and keep their muscles in optimum shape.

For sports players it’s no longer about spending hours kicking or hitting a ball, they now might be as familiar with a cadillac in the Pilates studio as they are with a footwork drill.

Unless you’re an Olympic athlete then cross-training WILL be beneficial, step out of your comfort zone and give something else a go this year.


4) Fitness trackers


Athletes have been using heart rate monitors to track their intensity levels for years but the mainstream market is catching on.

A lot of fitness trackers were introduced to the market in 2014 but 2015 is going to be the year that they go mainstream.

There’s plenty out there on the market (eg. the Fitbit Charge and various watches like the Samsung Gear and the Withings Activité) so do your research and find out which would suit your needs best.

It could help to motivate you through the rest of the winter for that summer body!


5) Fitness is for life, not just for beach season


Fitness isn’t just about being skinny or having that 6-pack any more, it’s about long-term health and strength, inner and outer.

You’ll hear more and more people talking about wanting to be strong not skinny (myself included) and feeling ‘better’ rather than ‘thinner’.

It’s about finding a sustainable diet and level of exercise that isn’t restrictive or obsessive, something you can enjoy with friends and family and that compliments your life but doesn’t take it over.

Sounds pretty good right?

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