Facebook Went Down & Everyone From Shep Smith To Twitter Mocked It In Most Sarcastic Way Possible

Facebook went offline for an hour or so yesterday and for some of us it must have felt like the end of the world. Maybe you noticed maybe you didn't. It certainly caused a storm on social media (well, social media that wasn't Facebook) as people made with the jokes under hashtag #FacebookDown.

And it wasn't just social media that was ridiculing Facebook, even Fox News' Shep Smith decided to make some snarky remarks. In his breaking news report on the issue, which seems like a joke in itself, he deadpanned the most sarcastic report he could muster.

"Facebook's down...so, if you're all narcissistic and want to share every bit of your life with the world, they don't care anyway, and a few minutes off Facebook will not kill you." is how he opened. It was probably the best possible way he could've reported the outage, so fair play to him.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter people were picking up where he left off. From mock imagining what must be going down at Facebook HQ to feeling sorry for those whose birthday it might be and are missing out on all those messages.

It was a beautiful moment of people coming together in order to collectively laugh at their rival social media users.

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