Why You Should Permanently Delete Facebook From Your Life Immediately - #DeleteFacebook

L.A.-based YouTuber Matthias delivers the best argument yet of why you should not only turn your back on Facebook, but delete your account and set fire to any bridges that may remain between you.

It all starts with a feature (which was unveiled last year) on the Facebook mobile app called 'Listening' which means that, when you post a status update, Facebook uses the microphone on your phone to listen in to the background noise. It does this so it can find out what music and TV you might be listening to, so it can post it to your status. So far, so worrying.

Matthias says that Facebook claim these recordings never leave your phone, but he calls them out by noting that, to identify a song the data must be sent to external servers. So how does it get there?

It's all very troubling stuff and as Matthias says in the YouTube description, "This video isn't even just about privacy issues. Facebook is dirty in other ways than that.

Currently Facebook requires users who have large followings to PAY PER POST and boost the post so it can reach the people ALREADY following them. Otherwise the post will only result in under 10% of the following seeing the post. It's a dirty way to make money."

Watch the video and you'll come away definitely wanting to delete your Facebook. Whether you will or not, that's another issue. But remember, if you do decide to part ways with Facebook and delete your account, DO NOT do it from your smartphone because Facebook will be listening.

And they will find you, because (in a Liam Neeson voice), they have are a very particular set of skills. Skills they have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make them a nightmare for people like you.

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